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5mm InfraRed LED

Order No. Lens Color Wave
angle (°)
Vf(V) le (mW/sr)
Typ. Max.
510E850C Dark Blue
850 1.5 1.8 160 mW/sr @ 50mA 10~13° Infrared LED $0.25 ea
530E850C Dark Blue
850 1.5 1.8 80 mW/sr @ 50mA 24~30° Infrared LED $0.25 ea
520E940C Water Clear 940 1.2 1.6 30 mW/sr @ 10mA 17~23° Infrared LED $0.09 ea

Infrared Receiver Module

Infrared Remote Control Receiver Module

$0.64 ea
  • 10-page datasheet download here: PL-IRM0101-3.pdf
  • Arrival distance
    • With our IR LED 520E940C (above):
      direct view 35m, with inclination 45 deg 8m
  • Description
    • A miniaturized receiver for infrared remote control and IR data transmission.
    • PIN diode and preamplifier are assembled on lead frame.
    • The epoxy package is designed as IR filter.
    • The demodulated output signal can directly be decoded by a microprocessor.
    • The main benefit is the operation with high data rates and long distances.
  • Features
    • Photo detector and preamplifier in one package
    • Internal band filter for PCM frequency
    • Internal shielding against electrical field disturbance
    • TTL and CMOS compatibility
    • Output active low
    • Small size package
  • Special Features
    • Supply voltage 5.5 V
    • Short settling time after power on
    • High envelope duty cycle can be received
    • Enhanced immunity against disturbance from energy saving lamps
    • B.P.F Center Frequency 38khz
    • Peak Emission Wavelength 940nm
  • Application
    • AV instruments such as Audio, TV, VCR, CD, DVD, MD etc.
    • Home appliances such as Air conditioner, Fan etc.
    • The other equipments with wireless remote control.
    • CATV set top boxes.
    • Multi-media Equipment.
    • Sensors and light barrier systems for long distances
  • IR Receiver Codes
    • Best works with: Rc6 Code, Rcmm Code, Sony 15bit Code
    • Also suitable for: Grundig Code, Nec Code, Rc5 Code, R-2000 Code, Rca Code, Sharp Code, Sony 12bit Code, Zenith Code
    • Not recommended for: Rcs-80 Code, High Data Rate Code
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