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LEDs are fast becoming the preferred light source for many applications – home or industrial lighting, vehicle or machine lights, advertising displays, tools or toys, even clothing and as an art form.  Their low cost, reliability, longevity and brightness often make LEDs your best choice.

Many LEDs see 100,000 hours of life – typically losing 5-50% of their brightness after 30-40,000 hours.  Compare that to your 100-hour common light bulb or your 2000-hour fluorescent bulb!  In recent years, LED development has provided us with more colors, increased brightness, more configurations, and lower costs – resulting in evermore uses being found for LEDs.

LEDs will function for a long time if used per specifications, but no one can guarantee how LEDs will perform in your application.  They are sensitive to static electricity and excess dryness; anti-static measures should be taken when handling LEDs.  Using higher-than-specified current increases the brightness, but shortens the life of LEDs.

Hebei LEDs and LED-related devices are available in a wide variety of colors, brightness, and configurations – all at very attractive prices.

All Hebei products are RoHS compliant.

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